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Rebecca Wells has been working intuitively for many years. A highly-sensitive empath since birth, she has learned to harness her gifts to not only survive – but to thrive – in the aftermath of abuse and spiritual attack. Rebecca is on a mission to reach other sensitive, brave souls. She has a rare talent for sniffing out the core wounds and energetic parasites that have infiltrated individuals, relationships and/or wider social groups, with her uncanny ability to reveal the hidden content and secret shadows of those around her. Initially offering 1:1 sessions with private clients, Rebecca then transitioned to producing weekly astrology videos for the general public via her popular YouTube channel MANNA (which she hosted under the name of Adalina Bonn). The channel MANNA was launched in December 2017 and it reached 160,000 subscribers by the time it closed two years later in December 2019. The reason for the channel closure was entirely due to a persistent issue of hacking, monitoring and censorship – an issue which is still persistent in her life today.

Rebecca is currently on an extended hiatus but during her many months offline she has: cured herself of a ‘permanent’ Lupus diagnosis; successfully campaigned to expose the high-level targeting and monitoring which has been illegally levelled against her; and undergone a profound metamorphosis of her faith and identity. This intense period of recovery has also inspired her to revert from the name Adalina Bonn back to her original birth name of Rebecca Wells. You can read more about her journey over on the blog.

- Curriculum Vitae -

Rebecca has completed in-person training with some of the world's leading experts on the spirituality circuit; and she has also attended many workshops and demonstrations at the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain (SAGB) and the College of Psychic Studies in London. Over the course of her mainstream corporate career she has also worked in the secretarial office for the Prime Minister & Cabinet of New Zealand and holds a strong background in communications and events.

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Rebecca personally recommends the following artists, well-being practitioners and thought leaders. She has had the privilege to learn from some of them directly:

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