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Crowdfunder: Help me to prove high-level targeting & monitoring

The following campaign-experiment was posted privately (with no audience and no witnesses) on www.Crowdfunder.org.uk in May 2020. In response to the campaign, Rebecca received two direct PayPal donations to her strictly private/personal email address; an email address that is not available to the public and is only known by a handful of her closest contacts. Screenshots of these PayPal donations are included below.

© 'Privacy' is an urban piece made with stencil by French street-artist Zabou.

Help me to prove high-level targeting & monitoring

“You see much Éomer, son of Éomund. Too much.”

- Grima Wormtongue

To my allies in the secret services, the military industrial complex and/or the entertainment industry – I need your help. In January 2019 I became aware that I was being monitored. At that time I was the hostess of a popular YouTube channel called MANNA (a channel that offered weekly readings, or stories, centred around the 12 astrological signs of the Western zodiac). I loved presenting my intuitive-creative insights to my audience of 160,000 subscribers. And they seemed to love it too! It was pure joy. No politics. No agendas. No tacky advertising deals or gross corporate endorsements. Just good old-fashioned storytelling with a budget camera and a packet of faery oracle cards. Harmless, right? I thought so too.

I also documented my health journey on the channel, because in 2018 I was diagnosed with a ‘lifelong’ auto-immune condition called Lupus SLE. I shared a lot of my discoveries about natural, holistic, alternative therapies with my YouTube subscribers. Therapies that were perhaps considered a threat to the mainstream medical establishment and the Big Pharma companies. Because these alternative therapies worked! I cured myself of ‘lifelong’ Lupus and I was discharged from ongoing hospital care after being described as ‘in clinical remission’. To this day, my blood tests are consistently normal and I have not had any flare-ups since weaning off the pharmaceuticals. In the words of my rheumatology specialist: I am now a “well woman!” You can read more about my recovery here.

Was it my intuitive ‘psychic’ gifts that put me on the radar? Or was it my very public ‘anti-establishment’ endorsement of alternative therapies (therapies that cured me of Lupus and cured Keith Mann of Stage 4 ‘incurable’ cancer)? I cannot be sure. All I know for certain is that in January 2019 I started to receive emails through my website, and messages that accompanied my PayPal donations, which didn’t quite add-up. These messages were quoting lines from my private telephone conversations and referencing geographical locations that I had frequented. I started to become very vocal about these bizarre experiences and from that point onwards everything escalated. Personal and business accounts were hacked. Debit cards were frozen due to a suspicious amount of purchases. My Vimeo account was suspended due to fraudulent activity. Some of my YouTube videos stopped appearing in search listings.

Then the digital anomalies began to spill over into real life: blacked-out Bentleys ghosting me on the street, men literally dressed in black (with coiled earpieces) trailing me at the shopping mall, cinemas, restaurants. Most recently there has been a persistent presence of helicopters and military aircraft whenever I am out in public. One memorable incident was particularly invasive: a black helicopter swooped very low above my house (it barely skimmed the rooftop) just before Christmas 2019.

These experiences have been relentless and they have showed no sign of abating over the past sixteen months. I have no doubt that since January 2019 (possibly earlier) I have been the target of high-level monitoring and that, in addition, I have witnessed utterly corrupt antics by the secret services and the British military. It is also my hunch that perhaps I am being used as a political pawn because, simply put, I have seen too much. But I also have no doubt that there are incredible people working inside these corrupt institutions, who are fully aware of my situation and who are helping to keep me safe. Incredible people who are currently forced to remain silent, due to things like the Official Secrets Act and all manner of non-disclosure agreements.

So here is my experiment. My grand sweeping gesture to any of my allies in the secret services, the military industrial complex and/or the entertainment industry: “Ride out and meet me!” Help me to prove that my theory is correct. Help me to prove that I have not been imagining these experiences since January 2019. I have nothing left to lose. But with just one donation from you (regardless of the amount) I am vindicated, and my honest testimony is validated.

This Crowdfunder campaign has been published in complete privacy with no publicity and no witnesses. I have not told my Mother or my friends about this page. I have not told a single living soul about this page. So if my theory is correct: that my every move is being monitored by hundreds of agents (you) - then help me to prove it! With just one donation the game is up! As an added good-will incentive: 10% of your donation will be ‘paid forward’ to the Extinction Rebellion.

I have no interest in making money. I am only interested in proving that I am the victim of an utterly corrupt and psychopathic surveillance state – as are millions of us around the world. This campaign is not about me. This campaign is about all innocent civilians and the future of our children.

If you are concerned about preserving your privacy and your reputation, then please feel free to donate under an alias like Melanie Wolf (hi Ben!) or Brian McGowan (hi Johnny!).

And with that, comrades, I shall bid farewell with the words of my favourite mythical heroine:

“Courage, Merry! For our friends!”

- Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

© 2020 Rebecca Cheree Wells